With Emesa Health hair transplant has become much easier and guaranteed

Hair transplant is effective treatment and considered as the best solution for the hair loss problems for both of men & women.
we are the bests in performing the hair transplantation by using all the modern techniques with the best skilled medical team in Turkey.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

This method is most popular in our modern center and considered is the highly-requested procedure for most of our valuable clients in this method, we are transferring the hair follicles from the designated area called donor area to the hairless or bald area

In this session:

  • FUE method can be used in WOMEN & MEN
  • Between 4000-7000 a hair graft can be planted.
  • Only used LOCAL ANESTHETIC, and patients continue their daily life
  • FAST recovery & GUARANTEED results will develop , even beyond patient expectations.

our promise to our clients is to get the best treatment while feeling comfortable and completely at ease

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