Nose Job

Nose Job

The nose is located in the middle of the human face and is the beginning of the airway to our respiratory system; therefore the ideal perfect nose helps clean the air we breath, and should look elegant and in harmony with the other aesthetic features of the face such as the mouth chin,forehead, eyes and cheeks.

However for many different reasons, the nose for many people, men &women may look distorted or different from its desired shape This is the main reason that people have the rhinoplasty or nose job surgical procedure.

Here at EMESA HEALTH we realize that it is a  fact that little touches from our experts surgeons, can lead to significant improvements in the general appearance of the face and will enhance the self confidence and self-esteem positively.

After your NOSE JOB procedure:

This surgical procedure can last for 1 to 1.5 hours maximum according to the complexity of the planned procedure, after each procedure you can expect some pain, bruising and swelling especially in the upper portion of your face and around your eyes for a few days. Some minor swelling may even last for a few months. Stitches, bandages and nasal splints may stay in place for anywhere between five and seven days. You should be able to return to work within seven to ten days after your procedure. As you begin to heal, you will begin to notice the positive effects of your rhinoplasty procedure. But the final results can take up to a year. In the end you may be surprised at just how significantly you can improve your appearance and your self-confidence by a simple nose job with EMESA