No one can completely stop the natural aging process. Over time, the body gradually produces less collagen and elastin, two proteins that are essential for healthy skin.

Within the course of aging, folds or wrinkles may appear between the mouth & nose, near the jaw and neck along with excess skin and excess fat which increase the folds and wrinkles and will be very visible and noticeable.

At EMESA HEALTH, with our expert and skilled surgeons, face-lifting procedures correct all of these aging signs in a natural-looking way, while preserving the natural characteristic of the person at the same time, in the same look!

Face lifting is a surgical procedure, can last from 1 hour to 4hours according to the complexity of the planned procedures of which area of the face you are looking to improve.

At EMESA HEALTH, Our patients usually request the Face-lifting performed in combination with eyelid correction, Complementary interventions like Botox, injectible fillers, fat injections and laser resurfacing will contribute to the quality of the results.

In all of these beauty procedures, the main goal is to restore youth without losing naturalness face look.

After the face lift procedures: ‎

you will likely be able to return to work in a week or two and you will start to notice the result soon after the procedure in a few weeks after the swelling and bruising continue to fade, the final result will evolve for a few months.

Whether you’ve decided which face lift option seems right for you or you have questions on how best to achieve your facial aesthetic goals, EMESA HEALTH is available to answer any questions and provide true guidance.