Brazilian Butt Lift

At EMESA HEALTH, our skilled surgeons can do several types of butt lifts but the Brazilian butt lift is the most wanted & popular procedure.

Butt lift is a surgical procedures in which required amount of fat is extracted from the parts of the body through liposuction and injected into buttocks…Thanks to butt lift, not only size and shape of the buttocks are improved, but also the other parts of the body where the fat is

!extracted get more thinner

After the Brazilian butt lift procedure:

You are going to wear a body garment for four weeks. You won’t feel any discomfort in your rear, but you may see bruising and swelling. Also, you may be a bit sore or tender around the areas where the fat was removed for several weeks. As per our surgeon’s advise Take about a week (or a little more) off from work while recovering.

At EMESA HEALTH, we consider having a nice backside is just as important as having a nice front Giving you a curvier figure, clothes fit better and highlight your figure